Sponsor a Child

8 year old Sara

lives in a neighborhood populated by citizens with economic disadvantages.  She lost her father when she was 5 and her mother is busy working two jobs and is unable to do as much for Sara as she would like to. Sara is shy, insecure and has not yet learned to speak up for herself. She spends most of her time by herself as she is fearful of other children.

12 year old Josh

lives in a similar neighborhood and often feels the pressure in his peer group.  He has a good heart, but somehow ended up spending time with a group of neighborhood boys who choose to try to outdo each other “playing macho.”  As a result, they often tease and are inappropriate with the neighborhood girls and bully the more vulnerable boys.

Supporting our Community through Taekwon-Do

Sara and Josh aren’t real children, but are typical examples of troubled children that can become either victims of bullying or bullies themselves unless something changes.


C’ville Movement for the People, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing all children in the Charlottesville area the opportunity to enroll in our Taekwon-Do classes for free. 

Your tax deductible donation will help these children enroll and take martial arts which contributes to their overall happiness and emotional and physical well-being while improving their social skills and community spirit. The children of Charlottesville need you! Will you help make a difference?

According to City Data

In 2016, approximately 38.3% of the residents in Charlottesville were below the poverty level as compared to 14.6% statewide. Youth from these families have less opportunities available to them.  The result is they are statistically more likely to have low academic achievement, drop out of school, and have health, behavior and emotional issues.
The five tenets of Taekwon-Do taught at our school are courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance and indomitable will.

The combination of these tenets and the physical demands of Taekwon-Do help students  gain confidence, self-respect, strength, balance, stamina, respect for others and overall mental and physical health.  Studies show  there is a significant positive effect of traditional martial arts on a child’s academic performance and a child’s physical, emotional and mental well being. This benefits the community, the student’s future and future generations of children.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated