C’villes only Non-Profit Martial Arts School


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CVille Movement For The People, Inc. is a Virginia 501(c)(3) corporation and offers traditional martial arts programs to the people of the Charlottesville, Virginia area, regardless of ability to pay.  Apply to take classes for free or at a price within your budget. 

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IBBCV Taekwon-Do Schedule


The IBBCV invites prospective students to observe classes, take a tour of the facility, speak with the instructors, chat with current students and even take a free no-obligation “trial” class, available Saturday mornings. Call or email us.

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How Taekwondo Correlates to Higher Academic Achievement

Taekwon Do

Learn How Traditional Takekwon do Correlates to Improved Academic Achievement in this article,”Taekwondo Makes Kids Smart” by Kirk Schroder.

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