The International Black Belt Center has been operating in Charlottesville since 1992, we have an enduring reputation for quality.

We Teach:

The original, highly aerobic, non-contact style of traditional taekwon-do. A philosophy of non-aggression, courtesy, humility, self-control, and of course, physical self defense techniques.

We Provide:

A non-competitive environment emphasizing individual improvement. Personalized service in a friendly, supportive environment. Our school leader and a staff of experienced black belt instructors. A full schedule of adult classes throughout the day and evening to accommodate most work schedules. A customized fully-equipped facility including a training room, showers, and a viewing lobby.

We Offer:

  • Youth / Adult programs
  • 2 distinct children’s programs for age-appropriate instruction
  • A variety of money-saving discounts for families and long-term students
  • Unlimited classes for one low price

Traditional Taekwon-Do Federation

The IBBCV is part of Grandmaster Kwon’s worldwide Federation of Black Belt Centers which has affiliated schools in Europe, the USA and Korea, with hundreds of active black belts.

Master Kwon’s Federation and the IBBCV maintain the highest standard of quality in martial arts training in the world today. Although Master Kwon oversees the schools in his federation for quality and adherence to tradition, the schools are not franchised. Each school is individually owned and operated which ensures that each instructor is personally committed to teaching the art of Taekwon-Do.

For information about other schools in Grandmaster Kwon’s Federation, visit the Federation website.